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 Inspection Techniques,
 Greenville Technical Education  Center, 1971

Years of Experience
 Total - 40 years

Professional Registrations
 American Welding Society
 Certified Welding Inspector
 ASNT: Level III in  RadiographyUltrasonic, Magnetic  Particle, and liquid penetrant.
 Examination Methods
 (Certificate Number 9111)
 Industrial Radiography
 Radiation Safety Personnel
 (Certificatoin No AA92045

Professional Qualifications
 Level I Basic Ultrasonic
 Testing/Krautkramer, 1974
 Level II Weld  Inspection/Krautkrame, 1974
 Isotope Radiography Program,
 Gamma Industries, 1981
 Metallurgy for the
 non-Metallurgist,  ASM, 1982
 AWSD 1.1 Structural Welding
 Code, 2002

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Floyd W. Moody
Director/Senior ASNT Level III

Floyd Moody is a director for reliability engineering projects. He has 40 years of experience as a Senior ASNT Level III Inspector for various nondestructive testing methods including radiography, liquid penetrant, ultrasonic, and magnetic particle. His experience in assisting clients in failure investigations and problem solving as well as his vast knowledge in nondestructive testing enable him to help a client determine which nondestructive testing or engineering discipline would be required in solving their particular problem.

Mr. Moody also has extensive experience in testing and inspection of tire presses, pressure vessels, and storage tanks, as well as writing testing and inspection procedures for large presses such as copper and brass extrusion presses and tire curing presses. He is also a Certified Welding Inspector and qualified to write welding procedures, qualify welders, and write welding repair procedures for building structure, tanks, and pressure vessels.

He has worked on many high-profile projects around the world. Most notably, he served as the senior inspector for EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World and various venues used for the 1980 Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid.

Evaluation and Inspection Projects

Epcot Walt Disney World
Mr. Moody was responsible for the writing and development of the nondestructive testing procedures used during the construction of EPCOT. His responsibilities also included the following:
• Training and certification of the technicians used for inspections
• Attending prefabrication meeting before the work started
• Addressing technical issues that concerned nondestructive testing
• Supervision of inspections and inspectors

Process Equipment Evaluation
Evaluation of process equipment for manufacturing facility in the Philippines. This included pressure vessels, boilers, and mechanical presses. The project also included providing repair recommendations and supervision of repairs.

Aircraft Engine Inspection and Training and Certification
Performed ultrasonic surface wave inspection of aircraft engines in South Eastern USA, England and South Africa. This project also included training and certification of local inspectors.

Panama Canal Projects
Provided visual observations and nondestructive testing on three projects in the Panama Canal Zone:
• Provided visual observations, ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing of a quake brake during fabrication in the USA, and field erection in Panama
• Provided visual observations, magnetic particle, and ultrasonic testing during the refurbishment of two elevated water towers.
• Provided visual observations, magnetic particle, and ultrasonic testing of a hatch replacement on a cannel lock door.

Reliability Engineering and Inspection Projects
Provided inspection, reports, repair procedures, supervision of repairs, and engineering coordination of autoclave, pressure vessels, and tire curing press for a large tire manufacture since 1995.

Wrote and developed nondestructive testing procedures for mechanical press that saved the manufacture weeks of down time and cost of disassembly.

Responsible for the training, certification, and all nondestructive activities of Amphion Analytical Engineering personnel.

Nuclear Power Generation Projects
Worked in various nuclear power generation plants throughout USA providing ASNT Level III services and inspection of steam generators, turbines, process piping systems, and MSR’s. Services included radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, visual inspections, and liquid penetrant testing.